JBCL Software adds a new level of ease and power to the standard BCL software

Installs and runs as an addition to the classic software.

Simple setup, no conversions required.



JBCL Printing

Windows version of Beyond Printing



JBCL Hawk Backup

Extension of Beyond Multiple Online Backups

Never lose work - this program automatically makes backups as you work

JBCL Hawk Backup


JBCL customer Contact

Support by On-Site, phone, Email

Sending updates and support information by email made easy!

Send to JBCL


JBCL Contacs Inquiry

The best inquiry program ever. Contains all the best features of the classic Beyond Inquiry program, the Chronological Inquiry program, other Windows Inquiry programs, Wills and Deeds lookup, Online Time Recording.

Simple to use - just like the old classic inquiry program.

PLUS a whole long list of other super features you must have once you have seen them!



Contacs Search 1


JBCL Contacs Lightning File Check

Check data files in a few seconds!

Lightning File Check 1



JBCL OWL Database

Windows version of the classic Beyond Database (Stress/Strain)




JBCL Debtors Maintenance

Deb Maintenance


JBCL Debtors Inquiry

Windows version of the classic Beyond Debtors programs

Deb Inquiry



Additions to Beyond Software recently include:
New version of Debtors
-Larger number of Debtors
-New statement formats
-Transaction history retained and can be inquired on

Private Ledger
-Improved Cash Book import - caters for MS-Money and Quicken imports
-Caters for downloaded transactions from Internet Banking

-Enhanced ability to send printfiles by email
-Enhanced printing to USB/Windows only printers

-Remote backups over VPN with email notification
-backup to USB drives

-Improved file check diagnostics
-Health checks of files during input
-Lightning fast file check option