JBCL Hawk Offsite Backup

The idea of this program was from the Christchurch Earthquakes in 2011.   I dealt with many sites where the business operation was drastically affected because the office computers were inaccessible.

Example 1 - A site presumed they were well covered by backups:

In the earthquakes they found:

Example 2 - An office had the front wall of the building fall into the street.

The need is for very easily accessible backups, so that in case of emergency:

The JBCL Hawk Offsite Backup is for this.

The idea of this program is to allow a very quick backup of important folders to an external USB drive - a pen drive or external hard disk that an operator or owner can take home from the office each day.

Setting up a backup:

Setup Full Backup

Running a Quick Backup Option

Quick Done

Note the Disk button to the Left of the Close button allows you to browse the backup that has just been made to check the files are there.


Done 1 Backup