Hawk Backup (for BCL Users)

The idea of this program is that you just run this program and do your work, and it will keep snapshot backups as you work:

Automatic hourly backups, and easy to restore from in case of any input issues or errors
It  will do needed backups automatically - all you have to do is start the program.

Usual Operation

Here are some screenshots.
1 - the program has been started, and work has been done on this or other screens.  So far the program has scheduled some backups to run.  Note this happens automatically - the program has been monitoring which companies have had input done to them.
backup pending

2 - The backups above have been done:

backup done

Note the number of files changed since the last backup, and the time taken are shown in grey under the backup list for the last backup that has run.

(In  normal operations these backup would have  run on the hour at 12:00).

If backups on the hour have been pending, you can make them run sooner by clicking the "Run now" button, as above.  This is useful if you want to shut the PC running the Hawk backup down without waiting until the backup is done.   (This was done for the above example)

When you do not need to restore

Important notes for operators:

When you do need to restore

How to Restore from automatic backups

3 - How to administer or delete or restore from these backups:

This example shows how to pick and restore from one of the Contacs backups.  You click on the "Restore/Admin" button next to Contacs, and the backups are shown.  The names of each are the dates - eg the one  highlighted 21070701.BCL is for 7 July 2021, and was number 1 for that company for that day.  Right-clicking on this backup shows the options below.

Restoring from a backup

To restore a ledger use the Restore option in the right-click menu, or click the green arrow button labelled "Restore"


If you want to either delete or copy several backups, you can click on the "Windows Explorer" button, and this will open Explorer which is a very convenient way to do this, however you do not need to delete backups yourself - the program deletes older backups as it makes newer ones.


The JBCL Hawk is designed to need minimal troubleshooting - if it is running the default settings should just start backups.

Note this program needs to be purchased and registered with JBCL - if not registered it does not start in automatic backup mode.

(if not registered it can do backups but will generally not continue doing automatic monitoring)

Note some BCL programs do not alter the data files and so a backup will not be scheduled after using Inquiry or Report programs.

Any maintenance or transaction input programs that alter information for clients should trigger a backup. Example showing:  Update1- input has started at 11:32 ,   Update2 - input has finished at 11:46, Due - backup is due at 12:00


Run the JBCL Hawk Backup automatically on the Input Operator screen

Note for versions up to V6 of the Hawk backup - make sure the Hawk backup is not running on more than one screen at once, or is not running more than once on the same screen.

(If it is running more than once, it is possible two backups will run at once and these might interfere with each other and trip up the backup verification process)

Note - New V7 Hawk program will detect and prevent this - versions since V7.21.7.11 will tolerate more than one copy of JBCLHawk running at once,

and only one will be able to run a backup at once.

This is to cater for the situation where a site might have 2 operators doing input work, and they might be working different and overlapping hours:

How to start JBCL HawkBackup automatically

For BCL users it is useful for the main operator to have this program run automatically on their PC.  The program is configured to start with all the default options set and needs no further setups.  As long as it is running it will:

To set the JBCL Hawk Backup to run automatically, open the Windows  and typing as the folder "startup" and creating in this folder a shortcut with the command:

C:\JBCL\Prog\JBCStart.exe Program JBCLHawk.exe

(this will load the latest version and run it).

(For Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 this folder is at

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

The above command shell:startup should open this folder)

To open this folder in Windows 10 - open Windows Explorer and type startup as the folder name.

If you wish to start several programs at once, then use a command like

C:\JBCL\Prog\JBCStart.exe Programs JBCLHawk.exe  ATClockW7a.exe

(this will start the JBCL Hawk Backup and the desktop clock)

Starting JBCLHawk Manually

Check the windows taskbar, if JBCLHawk is not running and you know it is not running on another screen, then just run it from the JBCL Menu.

Once started there is nothing else to be done - the default options should start backups.

Manual Backups

You can also make a manual backup at any time - click the manual backup button and select the BCL System and company number.  The backup will then run.

Some advanced features of this backup:

There are some refinements in the program to make it display how long it actually locks out the ledger as it takes a copy of the data files.  It only starts the backup when the ledger is not in use - if it is it waits until the ledger is not in use.   On a typical network you can expect the time you are locked out for is only about 10-30 seconds - the program copies the data files elsewhere before it compresses them so most of the backup time is done not on the working copy, and the ledger is then again available for input even before the backup is completed.   And the further advantage is that an extra backup is left off the server - on the PC running the Hawk Backup - as an extra backup.

The time and other details taken for the last backup is displayed in light grey below the backup list.

Further smart features are planned to be added to this program to backup logs and reports.

There are some settable options under "Hawk options" but you do not need to alter these, the standard settings are the most reliable.  (These are mainly for troubleshooting only)

Backups cleanup

The program generally deletes older backups as it makes newer ones, and monitors free disk space.   With modern servers even hundreds of backups are not generally a space issue as they are compressed.

Backups can be manually deleted from the folders using Windows Explorer from the folders CCMCO  CCMPL CCMPAY etc

There is a function in the Backup administration to smartly delete backups - this will try to retain a last backup from a financial period while deleting other backups before and after.


Printfile restore

BCL programs produce edit listing of all maintenance and input, and theses are automatically archived.   If you restore a Hawk backup, it will offer to fetch the input listings in the period since the backup was made so you have a guide as to what input needs to be redone.

This will put all these reports into a single file which it opens in Windows Notepad, and you can inspect and print it as required.

Normal BCL procedures are that operators are recommended to keep a batch book which records what input they have done for each company with dates and times, this printout acts as a backup to the information in the batch book.   Using either or both should make it easy for an operator to work out what input to redo (and in which order) after restoring from a backup.