When JBCL Sends a Software update to you it may be either as an email attachment a download link from a shared download page or JBCL website

In the main JBCL Menu, select "Contact JBCL" then "Load JBCL Update"

This will tell which folder to save the downloaded file into.

(Usually this folder is on your server)

If your browser has automatically saved downloads into a downloads folder, open this folder (for most browsers CTRL+J will open the folder) and copy or move the file into the JBCLMain folder.


This will allow you to select the file - it will be called usually either JBCLDIST.EXE or JBCLDIST.DAT  - select the one sent - if it is a .DAT extension the program will rename it so it can run the installation.

Then follow the default prompts, this will install updated programs in the main JBCL folder (usually called JBCLMain).

Next time you start JBCL the program updates will be picked up and used - either quit the JBCL Menu and select the shortcut to restart JBCL or select the option in the JBCL Menu "Get program Updates"