When BCL Sends a Software update to you it may be either as an email attachment a download link from a shared download page or JBCL website

BCL Software is legacy software originating from the early 1980's which is still in wide use.

Updates will usually be sent as a file BCLLOAD.ZIP. Load this into the main BCL Folder and then select the options in the BCLMenu



Take the default prompts for "3 email saved into Beyond folder".

Check that the file displayed (BCLLOAD.ZIP) has a recent and not an old date

It will unzip this and show a second file  BCLDIST.ZIP

C    Loading new Files - Stage 1

    Check the version number again at this point, as the Stage 1 program
    is a different program to the previous one -
    this should also be version 3.1 or later especially if loading
    an email distribution.

    The program will ask you to confirm some details: The device
    to load the rest of the update from, for an email distribution
    select the option "Email saved into Beyond" which will have
    a blank path (which means use the Beyond directory).

D    Loading new Files - Stage 2

    The program will check that all files in the distribution are
    present, if some are missing the program will stop at this point.

E    Loading new Files - Stage 3

    (Note this is the stage at which other users need to be not running
    the BCL programs)
    The program will then load on new files, and back up the
    previous versions.  System files will be backed up to a folder
    OLDSYS, and programs to a folder OLDPROG.

F    Checking the loading - Stage 4
    The program will check that the programs have loaded OK, and
    make a report which you can print or email in the normal manner.

Note the Distribution load program produces a report.