JBCL About Time Professional - Time Recording

Who is it for?

For all those who have to record and account for our time for work, it might as well be easy, streamlined and fun to do.

Particularly suitable for those in standalone businesses who need a quick and excellent way to track time.

Where does it come from?

John Bird of JBCL has worked on Time and Cost systems since he starting programming.   These were integrated with accounting and Legal Trust Accounting systems, and this originally was designed as a superior way to enter time for these.  John Bird has been the main user of this and has used it to record his working time since 1996. In the last few years he has turned it into a standalone program that anyone can use.

Currently John Bird works at a Health IT firm, where time is entered in JIRA cloud - he prefers to still enter the time during the day in this About Time Professional system and transfer it at the end of the day as it gives better time recording and is quicker, more accurate and easier to use.

This is open software of an innovative type - the core time recording module is proprietary to JBCL (for now) but the data format is quite simple and open and JBCL encourages other systems to integrate with it - to import or export data.

You can enter time 3 different ways

Using the computer clock to record time as you go - Research shows using accurate timing gives around 30% more chargeable time.   This is most accurate way of tracking chargeable time exactly.  Both elapsed and chargeable time are recorded so time can be written off as you enter it, with a record of that.


As a Timesheet - list a day or range of days on the screen.  Entries can be added,  and edited here by double-clicking on a time entry.


As a Diary Page - easiest way to enter time after the even.  Time length can be set by click and drag, or using Shift + arrow keys.  Time details can be edited by double-clicking an entry.
Chargeable time is shown in warm colours (yellow/green etc), non-chargeable in cool colours (blue/purple).
This day is also shown in the TimeSheet View above.


About Time Professional - Main Features

Main Points:

This above covers most of what you need to know quickly.

Below covers more details.

More Details of using About Time Professional

Setup Clients

When you install a new setup of JBCL, defaults are created as a guide, and you will want to set the names and details to suit you.


Setup Jobs

Default job is created, you can rename and add others to suit your needs


Note the default is to have a chargeable rate for each employee/for 1 unit of time (e.g. $15 for a 6 minute unit). An employee can have up to 6 chargeable rates.

Normally the jobs do not specify the charging rates (the rate are got from the employees who work on it), but some jobs you may wish to have special charging rates.

Setup Employees

Again defaults are created, you can rename and add others to suit your needs


Setup Cost Centres and Work Descriptions

Cost Centres are areas over which time and costs can be analysed - typically these will be like Office Administration, travel, sales, purchases, support. You should create only as many as you wish to analyse costs over


The Cost Centre code for a new time record defaults to the last Cost Centre recorded for that job.

Work descriptions are frequently used abbreviations for work done, and you can add as many as you wish.

These provide a quick way to describe the work, you can add as many as you wish to describe common types of work.

The code for a new record defaults to the last work description for that job.

Note you do not have to use these as you also can add notes for each time entry.  


There are lots of setup options for input

There are many settable options to streamline entry of time.


JBCL No-Nonsense Licence Agreement  for general users


Open Software


Goal of this software